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Xiwai Debate 西外辩论社



Xiwai Debate 西外辩论社

      The Xiwai Debate Society was founded in 2016 by William Bond, the head of Middle School History & Steven Herring, the Middle School Lead Coordinator. The idea behind the society was to create a fun engaging outlet for the very best students in Xiwai to truly shine. Initially the debates were held in school with topics given out by Steven & Will to debate over but they both felt that there was greater opportunity for growth.

       西外英文辩论社始建于2016年,创始人为双语初中外方总协调Steven Herring以及初中历史组组长William Bond。本辩论社的初衷是为西外一批最优秀的孩子创造可以让他们出彩的平台。最初辩论社的辩论活动在学部内举行,辩论的主题由Steven 和 Will 确定。后来,两位创使人都感到应该要给学生们提供更大的发展机会。

In 2017 Xiwai attended its first national debate competition in Shanghai where they took part in a competition attended by over 100 teams from schools all across China, and whilst our students worked extremely hard, we were defeated in the 1st round. This event showed the fantastic character of Xiwai students and became the bedrock of the Xiwai debate society’s ethos: to succeed you must preserve through adversity. Our students did just that, our first few debate competitions were met with failure but in 2018 we were victorious in the Nanjing tournament & won best speaker. This was followed up in Ningbo in 2019 where we defeated our local rivals YK Pao in the middle school finals to win for a second time.


      Debate is one of the most important academic & indeed life skills, it teaches you to be persuasive without being rude and to genuinely listen and understand another’s point of view, it teaches you to think about a variety of topics with opinions you may not personally hold, in short it teaches you how to interact positively with new people.


      The Xiwai Debate Society has grown over its almost four years of existence & Steven & Will could not be prouder of the students and their hard work. One of the greatest sources of pride for them is how they have been able to pass so much responsibility for the society to the senior student members, such as training & advising new debaters. Steven & Will now act in an overseer, advisory role for the student chairman & vice chairman of the society, this student ownership is one of the societies defining features & has played a key role in its success.


     The Xiwai debate club will continue to grow and evolve as more and more students continue to join, we will be hosting one of the largest national tournaments this May at Xiwai and welcome all who are interested to attend. If you are interested in having your child join the Xiwai debate society, please contact Steven Herring or Will Bond & they will be happy to help.

     西外辩论社将继续成长壮大,吸纳越来越多的学生加入。今年五月,我们将在西外举行最大规模之一的全国性辩论赛,欢迎所有感兴趣的人参与进来。如需帮助,请联系Steven Herring or Will Bond,他们将竭诚为您服务。



      Steven Herring has been at Xiwai for over seven years & William Bond for four. They were both delighted to discover that they had a passion for debate that went back to their childhood. As they discussed their trials and experiences at their own school debate societies it occurred to them that it would be an excellent addition to the growing collection of Xiwai academic extra-curricular activities, and with that the Xiwai Debate Society was born. Since then they have seen a growing passion and willpower develop within the students involved, exactly the qualities that will help them in their future. Steven has always said that a good teacher takes pride in their students’ success and not their own, and in the debate society he has taken the greatest source of pride. Both of them are fully committed to growing the society with a long-term goal to take part in international competitions in the future.

      Steven Herring在西外工作7年有余,William Bond则有4年西外工作经历。二人欣喜发现他们自孩童起就对辩论充满热爱。在讨论曾经他们各自学校的辩论经历时,他们意识到,如能将英文辩论加入西外学术拓展课程活动中,将会是非常棒的一件事。于是,西外辩论社就得以创立了。从那时起,他们亲眼见证了在学生身上对辩论与日俱增的激情和毅力。很显然,这种特质对于学生的将来大有裨益。Steven经常说一个好老师应该为学生取得的成功而感到自豪,而不是为自己的成功而感到骄傲。辩论社的成功是他最大的自豪之源。二人当前全心致力于将辩论社发展壮大,并剑指将来走向国际竞赛舞台。