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2018-11-16 西外小初高双语国际课程部



 Sports Meeting

On October 27th, there was a sports meeting held in Xiwai , and it was with great interests because it is different from a regular one. A variety of fantastic activities were introduced to the sports meeting. In the beginning, our opening ceremony of the Games were held, including school leaders' speeches, cheerleading and collective singing. These activities greatly aroused students' enthusiasm for the games, added elegance to the whole games, and made the atmosphere instantly active.

 After the warm opening ceremony, it officially entered the sports events of the games. The first competition is long rope skipping, which requires good teamwork.

After a long period of training, all the students in all classes have made every effort to win the first place. The warm-up before the competition was also full of energy. When the competition began, all the students began to cheer for their classes, and all the competitors tried their best to win glory for their classes.

The second event is walking in a team. This competition needs everyone's tacit cooperation. After a lot of practice, almost everyone can complete the competition, showing their spirit of unremitting efforts to win.

 The third item is Happy Collision, which is the most interesting item in the whole sports meeting. The competitors were wrapped in a transparent inflatable ball. They needed to knock down other players to win. After everyone was put in a balloon, it looked just like a tumbler, especially funny. Especially when they were knocked down, the helpless look made laughter on the scene.

The last event was the thunder drum, and we needed to push the ball forward on a mat. This tested the mastery of balance. If the balance could not be maintained, it would lead to the ball landing, thus affecting the overall performance. In fact, there should have been tug of war and running competitions. But because of the weather, these games were postponed. We believe that we will be more excited when we do these matches in the future.



 二零一八年十月二十七日, 晨, 天气阴雨偏凉。